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Free Business Forms Download

One of the most boring things you ever find in business are legal forms. Not only are they costly to produce, but a real pain trying to decipher. But one thing is absolute: you need them! I found a great source of (mainly) free templates for just about everything you can possibly need: It […]

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How To Promote Your Local Business

Years ago the only way to advertise local businesses was through ads in local newspapers and Yellow Pages… Then the internet came along. The problem is that even now, few businesses I talk to have much of an understanding of just how effective internet marketing can be for them. Many still pay a fortune to […]

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Offline Businesses And Internet Marketing

There is an incredible thing happening at the moment that few traditional businesses understand. It is the merging of ‘offline’ and ‘online’ marketing methods together with the underground IM (Internet Marketing) movement that has been growing exponentially since the late 1990’s. You may be thinking ‘well blimey Quentin that is bleeding obvious’ but you would […]

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