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(last update by Quentin Pain: 8th February 2017)

SEO Roadmaps 2017

My revolutionary SEO course is now open (see below), but I also created a ‘Done For You’ SEO service if you don’t want to do the research or the writing yourself. Check that out here:

Done For You SEO Research and Writing Service

SEO Course 2017

Having spent a considerable amount of time messing around with SEO and seeing pandas, penguins, hummingbirds and pigeons coming at me from all directions, I decided to create the ultimate, last forever SEO course of all time! That’s 30 consecutive days with me, working on your SEO. It’s brilliant (so my members tell me). Sign up here:

From Beginner To SEO Expert In 30 Days


I abandoned my Ruby experiment 🙁 But that doesn’t mean my programming bug is over, no sir!, I’m just switching to something a LOT more familiar – PHP.

I fell in love with Object programming in the early 2000’s when I ported an app of mine (Personal Accounts 5) from the Acorn RISC OS platform to Windows using C++. And then I dabbled in Java. But you know what? At heart I’m a procedural programmer, and PHP gives me that back again (with the option of creating classes – yahooooh).

What am I reading?

I’m a fanatical reader and I stay up to date by reading everything I can on people, business, marketing and strategy. To this end, I figured it might be useful to put up a list of books I’ve read, plus those I’m reading now. Here’s the page:

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