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(last update by Quentin Pain: 8th April 2017)

S for SEO Workshop

Having spent a decade figuring our SEO, and then creating a 30 day online course and mastermind group to get the message out, I’m now embarking on a Nationwide SEO Workshop tour.

It kicks off in Peterborough and you can find out more details on the SEO Learning Centre site here.

A for Accounting

Last year I decided to start an accounting firm to help entrepreneurs, micro entities and those thinking of starting a business get their accountancy needs done for a lot less than your average local accountancy firm would charge.

I decided to call it AccountsCheap because I figured it might as well do what it says on the tin.

But I shot myself in the foot.

This is because the top way all under-invested businesses grow, is by word of mouth (invested businesses grow faster by using aggressive marketing of all kinds – but that costs money).

The problem is, whilst everyone wants their accounting done cheaply, no one particularly wants to recommend a service they use with ‘cheap’ in the name – they feel it might rub off on them – even when the service is well beyond their expectations – which is what are clients our telling us.

So I listened, and as of March 2017, it has a new name: A4Accountants

The headline of this section is A4Accounting, which is how we arrived at the end result.

There are two questions you can ask of any name:

  1. Does it say what it is?
  2. Does it say what it does?

If you can somehow get both meanings in a single name, you’re laughing all the way to the bank because everyone will understand who you are and what you do.

So, “a for accountants” is what we are, and “a for accounting” is what we do.

We couldn’t think of any way to join this up, and so finally plumped for the more conservative choice – it is an accountancy firm after all 🙂

SEO Course 2017

Having spent a considerable amount of time messing around with SEO and seeing pandas, penguins, hummingbirds and pigeons coming at me from all directions, I decided to create the ultimate, last forever SEO course of all time! That’s 30 consecutive days with me, working on your SEO. It’s brilliant (so my members tell me). Sign up here:

From Beginner To SEO Expert In 30 Days

What am I reading?

I’m a fanatical reader and I stay up to date by reading everything I can on people, business, marketing and strategy. To this end, I figured it might be useful to put up a list of books I’ve read, plus those I’m reading now. Here’s the page: https://quentinpain.com/books

Connect with me…

If you’d like to get in touch, please connect on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/quentinpain

Or Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pain.quentin

Or Twitter here: https://twitter.com/quentinpain

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