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There is only one way to be successful in business, and that is to focus on being the best in your market. It's the only way to guarantee success.

If you're fed up with not being seen, and want a champion to help you shine, book an appointment today 01733 590133 (UK)

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What Quentin's Clients Say...


I have been working with Quentin to further develop and generate growth for my business. Quentin has gone above and beyond in every regard, and is a pleasure to work with.


Sharum Gilani



Quentin knows so much about so many subjects, whether we're talking about marketing or help with writing. I would highly recommend him, He's also fun to work with.


Josephine Cropper



Quentin has helped me with was so much more than I ever expected - including repositioning my company. If you're looking for a superstar, I fully recommend Quentin.

Jane Morley Founder Superglue Events Management London

Jane Morley

Superglue Ltd

What Is Mentoring?

There is mentoring, coaching and teaching. Some people have fixed ideas on what these terms mean. Some people don't. Some people think one is more appropriate than another. Some believe only one or two of them are worthwhile.

What I've found is it makes no difference what you call it, everybody has different needs. It's no good hiring a business coach if your mindset is messed up. And it's no good hiring a mentor if what you need right now is a teacher.

If you know what you want and you're already pretty good at it, then maybe you need a coach. Maybe you need someone to help you push yourself beyond your limits.

Or maybe you're not quite sure yet. You have some idea of purpose, but it's still a little fuzzy (you know it matters, but you're not quite sure of the next step). That's where mentoring comes in.

If that sounds like you, book an appointment with me and let's talk about the possibilities.

Who Is Quentin Pain?

The world seems to be full of coaches, mentors, teachers, experts and gurus. And yet there still aren't enough. In fact, there's nowhere near enough. 

Every person whose mission it is to help others is outweighed by the sheer number of people who need that help by a massive factor (1,000's to 1).

And every coach, mentor or teacher has their own unique blend of expertise. The hardest bit of all is finding someone who is a great fit for you. Someone you can trust with all your heart. Someone who can be your champion.

That is my specialty. Helping people who need someone who cares about them unconditionally. Without judgement, prejudice or bias.

Someone who can help bring out the absolute best in you. And who can shine a light on the possibilities so you can find your path.

If the above resonates with you in any way, call for an appointment: 01733 590133

How Can I Find Out More?

You can find out more about my mentoring programs over on TheNumberOneCub.com (you can get started right away).

You'll see I have a very specific promise on that page. It's aimed directly at business owners who are struggling to find clients. In fact the promise is HUGE.

But it's backed by a very simple fact that's been proved over and over again since time began (or at least the first leaders were born). In fact, it's being proved every single day right now. And it will continue to happen for as long as there are people willing to start businesses and show the world what they can do.

It's about aiming for the very top. If you're happy ticking over on an average income, it's not for you. If you don't mind being like everyone else, it's not for you. But if you finally want to make a mark and do something super successful with your life, then oh boy, this is for you.

All you need to do is make a commitment to yourself that you'll stop at nothing to get there, and make a start. It's that first step that counts. And if you become a member of The Number One Club, I'll be there helping and cheering you on all the way.

But know this. It's lonely at the top. When you forge a path through life to become the best, you will upset a few people on the way. You won't do that on purpose, it will happen because people get jealous and envious.

They'll wish they had what you had and some will start hating you for it. But that's fine, because at that point a whole lot more people will love you to bits. And that's what it's all about. Sign up and find out over here...

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