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There is only one way to be successful in business, and that is to focus on being number one in your market. It's the only way to guarantee success.

So if you're fed up with not being seen, or you're having difficulty finding new clients or customers, call today on 020 7193 9297 (UK).

PS. No one ever became famous coming second, that's why we focus on getting you to the top.

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I have been working with Quentin to further develop and generate growth for my business. Quentin has gone above and beyond in every regard, and is a pleasure to work with.


Sharum Gilani



Quentin knows so much about so many subjects, whether we're talking about marketing or help with writing. I would highly recommend him, He's also fun to work with.


Josephine Cropper



Quentin has helped me with was so much more than I ever expected - including repositioning my company. If you're looking for a superstar, I fully recommend Quentin.

Jane Morley Founder Superglue Events Management London

Jane Morley

Superglue Ltd

Google Search Experts

A professionally written, properly researched article on something your audience, customers and prospects care about, will bring in thousands of visitors over the year.

That starts to happen over a period of 3 to 6 months as Google uncovers and tests multiple search phrases against your article and finds those that perform best.

But it will ONLY do this if it believes your article is semantically linked to whatever the searcher is looking for, and that means, unless you do your research properly BEFORE the article is written, not much will happen.

We realised the only way to do this properly is to research the one thing that lets us know what counts and what doesn't - and that one thing is Google.

Google are the Gatekeepers of pretty much all organic free traffic online. They determine what rises to the top and what doesn't.

We wrote a piece of unique software to reveal this, and that's what we use for all our articles. Unless you know what Google are expecting to see, you will fail. Let us help you.

To find out more, visit ProofMEDIA.uk


Simple Fixed Cost Packages

When content is added on a  consistent basis, you stay predictably in front of your audience. A fixed cost package is the easiest way to ensure this happens.


Timely Delivery

There's nothing worse than having to wait. As a client, I ensure everything is delivered on time every time - GUARANTEED - or your money back.


Quality Assured

Every piece of content is written to ensure your company shines and stands out from the crowd. Both our reputations are on the line, and I never lose sight of it.


Simple Guarantee‚Äč

If your content is not delivered on time, you get it free. If you want something changed, I will ensure it gets done on an agreed time scale - or it's also free.

Facebook Post and Ad Specialists

Facebook is the future. We all know it's been growing and now has over 2 billion users. Which means it serves well over half of the global online population.

And that means it's very likely that half your audience is already on Facebook.

There's two ways you can use Facebook to drive traffic to your business. The first is to constantly post good content. And that means at least once a day, and even better, twice.

The second way is to use Facebook's advertising platform. There is nothing else like it on the planet in terms of targeting, and when you add the power of retargeting, things get very interesting indeed.

But it's not a case of placing and advert direct to an offer. That can still work, but there needs to be a lot of margin for it to do so. Instead, we use conversion funnels.

We bring people in carefully and in a non-salesy way by offering them items or information that will help them immediately. These can be zero cost or very small teaser amounts.

We then nurture them through a series of contact points until they trust us enough to buy our products and services.

We are masters at both, so call us for a chat and we can give you some ideas on how best you can do this for your business.

To find out more, visit ProofMEDIA.uk

What Can We Do For You?

Done For You Service - we do the research, writing and promotion on both Google and Facebook for you.

Do It Yourself Software - where you get access to our unique Google research and tracking software. Click Here.

Learn It Yourself Coaching - join our coaching program so you or your staff can learn to do it yourself. Click Here.

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