Free Business Forms Download

One of the most boring things you ever find in business are legal forms. Not only are they costly to produce, but a real pain trying to decipher.

But one thing is absolute: you need them!

I found a great source of (mainly) free templates for just about everything you can possibly need:

It also sells a bunch of ‘premium’ forms too – hell, I guess they have to make money somehow 😉 but the free ones are really useful.

For example, there is a free template on there for copyright assignment. This is vital if you are having someone else develop something for your site (or for you to sell).

You can also get an NDA template there too, but the really important one is copyright assignment. Without it, your developer could not only give away or sell ‘your’ software, they could also start to lay down licence fees if you do something slightly different to what was originally agreed.

This site also includes partnership agreements, template business plans, T&C’s for your website. All in all, a wonderful resource.

Quentin Pain

My earliest ambition was to become a rockstar (my band once backed The Waves who went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest). Unfortunately I decided to start a business to support my rock star dream, and as luck would have it, the business took off big time and the rock star dream died. I was 23. By the time I reached 50, my total business count was 6. The last one was Accountz that went from zero to 36,000 customers in 6 years. I now run ProofMEDIA Ltd and my specialism is copy that wins trust, engagement and long term sales. I'm also a published author (including a Dummies title), have won many awards including the IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year, and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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