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There Is No Future – Only Passion

We all know that worrying about the future is futile.

But that making a plan for it matters*

But it’s all irrelevant.

It’s what we choose to do right now. Right in this moment. That matters.

I’m choosing to write. I could have chosen to plan.

(only one of those will get me closer to where I want to be)

In the book Eight Keys To Greatness, Gene Landrum points out that half the top 40 or so people he features didn’t much enjoy their journeys to greatness. And that half of them died relatively young (the vast majority by their own hand).

Almost all these people knew, and played to, their own strengths. They were all tenacious. They were all deeply driven by their one thing. They were almost all intuitive (they could see the wood from the trees).

And they all spent almost of their ‘now’ time doing their thing. This is passion.

If they didn’t know something, they read as many books as they could on the subject. They were voracious.

The future didn’t matter at all. The drive was to find the solution to whatever it was they were working on.

That’s what really matters.

*I’ve found that setting a goal if your passion is not that great is vital

Quentin Pain

My earliest ambition was to become a rockstar (my band once backed The Waves who went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest). Unfortunately I decided to start a business to support my rock star dream, and as luck would have it, the business took off big time and the rock star dream died. I was 23. By the time I reached 50, my total business count was 6. The last one was Accountz that went from zero to 36,000 customers in 6 years. I now run ProofMEDIA Ltd and my specialism is copy that wins trust, engagement and long term sales. I'm also a published author (including a Dummies title), have won many awards including the IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year, and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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