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Marketing Online Today

Whatever business you are in, you cannot ignore marketing online, especially today. But here’s the crazy thing, local businesses are ignoring it. In fact, 76% of local businesses in the UK are ignoring it. Yes many have a website, and a tiny few have a Facebook page, but few take it seriously. I know this […]

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Top Tips For Great Testimonials

Whether you are selling a service or a product, testimonials can double your sales. They add credibility to what you do. The proof of this is simple to prove, just think of anything you have bought recently from Amazon or any other online retailer. Did you check the reviews? How did they affect you? And […]

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What’s In It For Me? 3 Steps To Success

What’s In It For Me or WIIFM is quoted numerous times by many experts as being the most important concept to understand about messaging, and I totally agree, provided that you get the other 2 M’s in marketing (Market and Media). But it will completely fail even with those things in place if you don’t know […]

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