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Test My Site With Google

“Test My Site With Google” is Google’s latest tool to test your site for mobile and desktop devices and for the speed and usability of your site on both those platforms.

There are many good things about this service, not least of which is that it’s free.

And once Google has reported back the results (see image above for what that looks like), it will also send you a detailed report of how you can fix any issues.

This is one of those cases where entering your email address won’t get you spammed – it’s a service from Google!

As you can see above, one of my sister sites is near perfect for Mobile (it’s 96/100). This is a good thing, since Google announced that mobile friendly sites are going to score more highly in search results from now on.

There’s a specific name for this, and it’s called AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages. Naturally, there is an organisation behind it made for all of us at no cost, and you can find it here (the link opens in a new tab in your browser):

To be AMP (and Google mobile) friendly, means using the AMP version of HTML for mobile versions of your site’s pages. The good news for WordPress users is a plugin is available to help.

Here’s Yoast’s excellent article on AMP with plugin details:

AMP uses a Javascript library as part of its toolset to help speed up many aspects of a typical web page.

Going back to the image above, my mobile speed is marked as ‘fair’, and with a score of 69 I’m quite happy with it.

But my desktop speed is at the top end of the ‘poor’ rating at 64. The main culprit with both those scores are uncompressed images. I’m using Jetpack (from WordPress) and its ‘Photon’ compression utility, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to be compressing them to Google’s desired specification (update: just tweaked a few things and it’s now showing ‘fair’ so I’m good with that).

There are also some script files ‘above the fold’ that could be ‘inlined’ to speed things up. Inlined means putting the script directly into the html instead of loading it as a separate file.

The Test My Site With Google tool can be used to test any site – and you can get the report sent to you as well (even though you’re not the owner), which is probably very good news to those who are used to paying other people good money to test things for them.

So the only thing left to do is to give you link below so you can go test your own site:


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