Google Map Generator for Websites

If you have been searching for a way to generate the code to insert a Google map on your website and been totally frustrated by not being able to find out how, you have come to the right place.

First off, ignore all those sites that come up on the search engines asking you to input your personal details or your map details. Most of these generate the code, but they do it via their own site domain, sucking your link juice to their own site.

So this is how to generate the code yourself using Google’s own map app to do it.

Google Maps code generator image

Step 1: Go to Google Maps (this link will open a new tab for you – so make sure you come back here to continue reading the steps).

Step 2: In the Search bar at the top of Google Maps, type in your zip code, post code or the place you want to create the map for and hit the Search button.

Step 3: Click the Link button (it’s just under the search bar on the left next to the Printer icon).

Step 4: Customise your map settings

Google Paps code generator settings image

Step 5: Copy the code that the Google Maps generator has created (highlight and Ctrl+C to copy to your clipboard).

Step 6: Add it to any html page, or if you are using a CMS such as WordPress, then add it to a text widget and place in the sidebar or footer.

Placing a map of your business directly on your main landing pages is a GOOD thing to do if you want to attract your local market.

Why make them click on the ‘contact us’ form or search around for a map?

Making your local business easy to find or contact should be the first priority of any marketer.

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