The Only Limiting Belief Is Belief Itself

The Only Limited Belief Is Belief Itself

Beliefs are the reason we fail. Always. They’re also how things get started.

If you start with belief, then turn it into certainty, you won’t fail.

If you’ve spent any time in the self-help industry or seen a therapist, coach, mentor or counselor, you will know the phrase ‘limiting beliefs’.

It’s perfectly clear what it means. Beliefs are limiting (but not just some beliefs, all beliefs).

Everything I do is ‘limited’. Here’s why.

Everything I’ve ever learnt comes from two sources:

a) external – seeing, listening and reading about other people’s experiences

b) internal – my own experiences

But it’s only the things I experience that are true for me.

I plod through life in search of my personal holy grail and I hit limiting belief after limiting belief. I call this my inner voice. It tries to protect me. It hates change. It wants me to stay safe.

And then there’s the other voice. The adventurous one. The one that wants to change everything. It is seductive, exciting and attractive. I love it to bits.

My safe voice lives in the past (from my internal movie library of experience).

My fun voice lives in the imagination. It’s future based. It opens infinite choice. It’s my favourite voice.

Yet my safe voice is always present. It’s there like a big brother or sister. It polices me. It limits me.

One day I understood two things:

a) belief

b) knowledge

They are different. One is guesswork. The other is certainty.

I found that belief is a useful tool on the path to knowledge. It starts with hope. Here’s the whole path: Hope. Belief. Knowledge. Certainty.

This path only works if the concept of choice is understood and followed.

Choice is what freedom means. If we’re after freedom, we need only look for choice and we have it.

If we choose to hope, we develop belief. And with belief comes purpose. With purpose comes action. With action comes results.

If those results are good, it strengthens our confidence, which increases our hope and beliefs.

And as we do this our competence increases and our purpose becomes stronger. And we go round again.

Soon we realise we know longer need to believe. We become certain our actions will produce what we want.

We’ve turned hope into reality.

If you think this is ‘just’ philosophy. You’re right. Philosophy is the most important thing in life. Without it we wander about aimlessly.

Get your philosophy right, and your business will be right too.

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