The Only Way To Succeed

Is To Become Number 1 In Your Market

Find Out How With The Number One Club

Know Your Result

Knowing the result you expect to get in your business is the first key to success. But deciding on exactly what it should be is another matter...

Know Your Strategy

A clear strategy is like a world map. It shows how you differ from everyone else. it's the big picture overview that sets you apart from everyone else.

Know Your Plan

Think of your plan as a movie of how your business will get from where it is right now to where you want it to be in the future.

Quentin Pain The Number One Club

Quentin Pain FIoEE FIAB Founder The Number One Club

Every business needs a strategy. Without one you have no way of knowing whether your tactics and marketing hacks will work. The blueprint will show you how to get this done.

My first business took me from nowhere to a house and enough money to start a recording studio to pursue my quest to become a rock star.

I failed in the rock star business, but that didn't stop me going on to start another 5 companies including British software company Accountz in 1999.​

Then in 2013 I started Legendary Business Owners to help others get the same success, and The Number One Club is how I deliver it.

You either aim for No 1 in your market, or you will struggle endlessly. The Number One Club will help you on your way to a better business and life​.