The Only Guaranteed Path To Success

The only guaranteed path to success in business is to be number 1. Nothing else will do.

So the question that needs answering is how to achieve that.

When you are number 1, these things happen:

  • You become the voice of your industry
  • You become the leader your customers are looking for (see here)
  • You become the ‘go to’ person journalists hunt out (see here)
  • You are able to charge premium prices

People will always choose a specialist (a leader) rather than a jack of all trades. The more serious the problem or the greater the desire, the stronger this becomes.

It’s the difference between a commodity and something special. We automatically associate quality with rare or unique things.

And when you achieve that top position in your niche, everything changes for the better. The Considerably Better!

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Yours sincerely,

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Quentin Pain
Legendary Business Owners Ltd
IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year 2013
Enterprise Nation Top 10 UK Business Advisor 2015

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