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Meet Sophia Wu – Founder – YHIM.co.uk

Meet Sophia Wu. She is determined to make a success out of life. And it starts with her business.

She’s a fashion designer, living and working in the UK to build a prestige brand using innovative designs.

She doesn’t let up, and she knows that help is there when she needs it – she’s not afraid to ask anything.

She’s also not afraid to do what it takes to get her brand out there.

That includes popup shops to test out new ideas – with her there in person, doing it and getting the feedback she needs first hand.

She’s had more than her fair share of ups and downs, and gets the fact that everything she does is a step closer to where she wants to be.

She knows that every blind alley she takes removes another barrier.

She knows that every day brings more opportunity creation time (creating beats taking).

She knows that opportunities are usually “one to many” events. When you create them, you attract many. When you take them, you become one of the many (and the many never get to the top – there’s not enough room).

And she knows that success is inevitable.

And that’s why on the 9th February 2017 her intelligent Pocket Square creation was picked as a Valentine Gift by the Evening Standard in London for their pull out supplement.

Sophia Wu Founder YHIM

That’s just another step on her road to success. Quality and innovation will always stand out.

You can see more of Sophia's work on her website: Sophia Wu - YHIM.co.uk

Sophia is also a member of TheNumberOneClub.com

Confident people stand out because they’re happy to tell their story – the good and the bad.

They know that the best stories come from real experience. Doing stuff. And that’s the difference between success and failure.

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