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What Area of your Business do you Need to Focus on?

Your Results?

Discover how to get clear on your desired Results. How to clearly see your objective, and how to think about achieving it.

Your Strategy?

Discover how to unlock your Strategy. How to clearly see what it is that really drives your business.

Your Plan?

Discover how to get clear on your Plan. How to think about your tactics and structure them so they fit your strategy.

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Quentin Pain The Number One Club

Quentin Pain FIoEE FIAB, Founder The Number One Club

Ask any small business owner to describe their strategy in one sentence - most can't do it. When a business is run without a strategy, guess what? it eventually fails. So imagine getting a blueprint and mini course that shows you how to do it, from scratch, for your business?

Unless you know the results you want, have formulated a strong strategy, and have put together a plan based on your strategy and the results you're after, it's very hard to get what you want (and having a successful business you love that doesn't drain you is a great place to be).

It took me many businesses to figure this out properly, even though my first business was a giant success - I sold it at 27 to pursue my real desire of becoming a rock star - I failed at that, despite playing in a band that once backed a Eurovision song contest winner!

It took a few more businesses including British software company Accountz, and eventually I succeeded again. We won 3 Macworld nominations and I became the IAB UK Small Business Mentor of the Year in 2013 and Enterprise Nation Top 10 UK Advisor in 2015.

That's when I put together The Number One Club - and you can benefit right away from my experiences using my exclusive Number One Club Strategy Blueprint​. Yours free TODAY: