The Perfect Day - Friedrich_Nietzsche_drawn_by_Hans_Olde

The Perfect Day – Building A Stress Free Business

Could you set up a business with no stress and still achieve your objective? And if you did, would you describe that as your perfect day?

And if you could live the perfect day everyday, what would it look like?

Which demands the answer to the question: so what’s stopping you?

In 1882 the philosopher Nietzsche wrote (and I heavily paraphrase): “What, if someone were to tell you: This life as you now live it and have lived it will repeat itself over and over again in every detail including every joy and pain. Would you curse·the person who told you? Or would you declare you had never heard anything more divine?”

Why do we make life so hard for ourselves? What’s the point? If we’re stressing about business, it’s because we’ve not made the effort to make it as good as it can possibly be. We’ve not done the work (work is never stressful when it’s the right work).

One of the key things to positioning yourself as number 1 is to do more research and publish it more often and to more channels than anyone in your market. Can you see how doable that is? Yes it takes work, but so what, it’s the right work.

It’s how I got the ‘Accounting for Everyone’ membership site started. I used articles and forums to answer the problems my market was having and created a tiny but fruitful little business in the process (accumulating over 12,000 members).

Would I choose to do that everyday though? Is that my idea of a perfect day? Clearly not, as I stopped promoting Accounting for Everyone long ago. But it still makes me a little bit of money every day (£75 in the last two days).

That one experience taught me how to create an online product, how to market it, and how to monetise it. And I’ve never looked back. I learnt a skill for life (well, for as long as the internet survives at least).

It also taught me to focus on one thing till I’d conquered it. And it taught me to focus on one audience at a time as well.

So how do you create your perfect day? The sort of day you could happily live again and again? It comes down (as always) to your happiness. To noticing what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy.

It’s all about you. If you’re not happy, how do you think that makes others feel? You are part of the cause of happiness and unhappiness in the world (as am I).

And that’s why this is part of the philosophy behind The Number One Club. Unless you achieve the success you want, you won’t be able to help the people you want (and if you have no ambition to help other people, that’s fine too – it’s still about making you happy).

There is one value that underpins a happy life. And that value is self-esteem. It is the most common reason psychologists say people are unhappy.

Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. It is self-respect. It’s a reminder that it all starts with you. And getting your perfect day right is how you get to be happy.

And when you’re happy, you’re in the best place to build a great business.

Quentin Pain

Quentin Pain started his first business, a courier company aged 23. He sold it 4 years later and used the profits to start a recording studio. A couple of albums later, he started two software companies, the last one being Accountz, which he grew from zero to 36,000 customers and which is still going strong today. His current company is ProofMEDIA, a specialist digital consulting business focusing on online growth. He's also a published author (including a Dummies title), and has won many awards including the IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year in 2013. Quentin is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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