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How To Make Affirmations Work

How to make affirmations work imageSo much has been said about affirmations. And so many promises have been made about them.

But affirmations can only ever work if you believe in whatever it is you are trying to affirm.

So most people give up.

It’s hard to believe in something we haven’t got, experienced or seen.

However, everything ever made by humans began as a thought or vision in someone’s mind.

Stuff that didn’t exist. Stuff without an affirmation in sight. But is that true?

History is littered with examples of discoveries and inventions that happened by chance.

Eureka moments that came from something completely different.

Penicillin is a good example – doctor discovers a fungus in his lab that has killed everything around it.

But none of that would have occurred if relevant questions had not been asked.

And this happened because of one brilliant human trait: curiosity.

So next time you feel a need to affirm your intention to do or become something, ask a question relevant to it.

Put a ‘why’ in front of your affirmation. “I feel so wonderful” becomes “why do I feel so wonderful?”

Your brain won’t be able to stop itself coming up with reasons to make yourself feel wonderful.

And with that will come the belief and need to make it happen.

And who knows, perhaps something else wonderful will happen too.

Quentin Pain

My earliest ambition was to become a rockstar (my band once backed The Waves who went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest). Unfortunately I decided to start a business to support my rock star dream, and as luck would have it, the business took off big time and the rock star dream died. I was 23. By the time I reached 50, my total business count was 6. The last one was Accountz that went from zero to 36,000 customers in 6 years. I now run ProofMEDIA Ltd and my specialism is copy that wins trust, engagement and long term sales. I'm also a published author (including a Dummies title), have won many awards including the IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year, and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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