Words that read "You vs The World"

The best Opportunities are the ones you create

Pessimists don’t believe in opportunities. They only see hype and scam (though in many cases they’re not wrong).

We on the other hand, LOVE opportunities. They bring excitement to our lives BUT, it’s often followed by debt leading to despair.

Then we pick ourselves up and jump on the next one. And we find it oh so difficult to stop.

Every day brings more opportunities. Why? In a word: Direction.

We don’t have one. We think we do, but we’re wrong (and underneath our thick entrepreneurial and optimistic skins we know it).

Here’s a question you’ve probably heard many times:

What exactly do you want your life to look like 12 months from now? Not just your business life, your whole life?

Picture it in your mind. Is it clear? Write it down.

No doubt you’ve done this before and are thinking, “yeah well, done that before and it didn’t change a thing!”

And that’s because you didn’t complete it.

So ask yourself this question: How am I going to make it really happen this time?



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