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Being a Good Marketer (and Citizen)

A while ago I read about a technique that could change your life forever. It was such a simple idea that I fell in love with it immediately.

It all kicks off with one simple question: if you could choose to live your life any way you wanted, how would you live it?

To really get into this, you need to remove all the things that are currently blocking you.

And the first one for most people is money (“if I just had enough I could do x, y and z”).

You need some imagination of course, but we have that in abundance!

So, think of an amount of money that you believe will sort you out financially for the rest of your life (now 10x it to make sure).

How are you going to live your life? What are you going to do right now? What are you going to do for the rest of today, and what about tomorrow?

Who would you choose to live with? to be your friends? to go on holiday with? to be your closest friend?

Who would love to meet and have dinner with? who would you love to be in business with?

What would your business be? would you employ people? what would you do in your business? (would you have a business at all?)

What new interests or hobbies would you take up? where would you go to learn them? who would you have to teach you?

What (if anything) would you create? why would you create it? who would it benefit?

How would you help those you love? why would you help those you love? how would helping them affect them?

As you near the end of your life, what are you going to do with your money? when you reflect back on the life you lived, how does it feel? what are people going to say about you? does it matter what people say about you? why?

How does this make you feel? what are you feeling right now in your current situation? how are you going to change it (if you want to)? when are you going to start (there are many tomorrows but only one now)?

Answering these questions helps me focus on being a good marketer (and no business is successful without marketing).

And the result is success with happiness. Bliss.


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