Basic Marketing Workshop

(SOLD OUT – this event has ended – sorry – please visit the SEO Learning Centre to find out when our next marketing workshop is being held)

There are three fundamental ways to grow a business:

1 Get more customers

2 Sell more to more customers

3 Sell more, more often to more customers

But without customers in the first place there is no business.

If you need to learn the core marketing principles that will help you attract more customers on your journey to being seen as number 1 in your market, please join me on the morning of Wednesday 9th September 2015 where I’m putting on a LIVE Workshop in the beautiful Georgian town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.

We’re going to spend the morning together going through a series of in-depth worksheets to get real clarity on what you do and who you sell to.

  • This workshop is for you if you’re having difficulty marketing your business effectively.
  • It’s for you if you want to achieve considerably more success in your business.
  • And it’s for you if you’re passionate about what you do and and are prepared to do the work necessary to achieve that success.

What our previous attendees said…

  • “Quentin clearly knows what he is talking about – this is a must attend seminar” – Jeff Tucker – Chair Cambridge Cleantech Asia Group
  • “Fantastic, creative, thought provoking and in depth” – Sallyha Din – Peter Jones Academy Alumni and Entrepreneur
  • “The workshop provides a really sturdy foundation on which to build a sustainable business” – Jobeda Ali – Three Sisters Care Ltd, London
  • “The workshop has opened my eyes on things I need to think about to make my business more successful” – Tim Spencer –
  • “An inspiring view on how to market your business” – Sue Carroll –
  • “Brilliant, relaxed atmosphere, great to have worksheets to use to relate back to” – Matt Holmes – Develop Automotive
  • “10/10 Extremely helpful and looking forward to reading your book too” – Paris Hall – Barber – Lincolnshire

I’ve been ‘lucky’ in business. I started my first with a £500 bank loan when I was 23 and ‘retired’ at 27.

I went on to build a recording studio business, various digital online businesses, and a couple of software companies.

I grew my last one from zero to 36,000 customers generating £1.73m in sales.

I made a ton of mistakes on the way and wrote a couple of books about it including a Dummies series book.

I used to think business was all about selling. But selling is just short term thinking. Selling is all tactics and no strategy.

Selling on its own only keeps you going on a day to day basis. When you’re not selling you’re desperately trying to come up with new ways to sell. It’s highly stressful.

Marketing is long term. Marketing educates your audience in advance of sales. Marketing works for the now AND for the future.

Marketing educates your audience about these things…

  • Why they should buy what you sell
  • Why they should buy it from You
  • Why they should buy it from you Now

Get your marketing right, and the selling is easy. It’s the missing link most businesses ignore.

Seminars where you sit and listen to someone for hours on end may be entertaining (if you’re lucky), but the inspiration and motivation wears off pretty quick, and you end up mostly not following through.

This workshop is different. We’re 100% hands on.

Please click the button below to book your place and I look forward to seeing you on the day.

SOLD OUT – this event has ended

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PS. Space is very limited so please book as soon as possible. Entry is by ticket only.