US FTC Law Changed 1st March 2012 On Business Opportunities

If you offer anything at all that could be interpreted as a ‘business opportunity’ then you absolutely must read this article on the new disclosure changes that came into effect on 1st March 2012.

One massive change is that you must supply full details of the purchaser if you publish their testimonial, and by full details, this means their telephone number too!

On top of that, if the buyer buys to resell your product, then you also agree that they can publish your full contact details too.

In short the US government is cracking down massively on claims made by companies and individuals that lots of cash can be made using their scheme.

Now, here’s the thing. Even if you are not located in the USA, but are selling items that could be bought by US citizens, don’t think you are immune!

Check out the specifications here (with thanks to the Internet Marketing Law Centre for this):

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