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What The Hell Is Going On With The Internet?

Have you noticed the way everything is speeding up (and it’s not just to do with your age)?

Technology, communication, learning, wealth.  It is pointless buying a newspaper now as you can ‘read all about it’  using a (very selective!) Twitter feed.

The search engines are struggling too. We are all able to spot a bad site in a fraction of a second. And more often than not it is one of the search engines that got us there.

And they know it! As a result Google and the rest are having to fight spam faster and faster. And failing. Google replaced Yahoo because Yahoo’s manual site assessments could not keep up with the pace.

And what are Google doing now? Manual assessments. That means unless your site and its backlinks are worthy, you are headed for disaster, and sooner rather than later.

But don’t worry, so are the big search engines. Mobile is rising so fast due to the smart phone that the landscape is absolutely bound to change.

The question is how?…

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Quentin Pain

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