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How To Be Successful In Business In 5 Easy Steps

In 2017, Amazon added yet another patent to their drone delivery technology. It looks like something a school kid would draw up whilst doodling during a boring lesson in the ancient art of Mesopotamia or such like (you can see it here).

Also in 2017, Walmart filed a new patent. This one is for a floating warehouse. It comes complete with a squadron of drones to deliver its contents to anyone who wants it.

In the latter case, how brilliant is that! Who needs the expensive land deals when you’ve got an  unlimited amount of un-monetised airspace (“sky-tax” is sure to follow).

Humans are brilliant at finding new ways to do things that are faster, cheaper and better. We love short cuts, no matter how outlandish they may seem.

And that’s the point really. Successful people are successful because they spot opportunities others don’t see. Followed by fast execution.

But that’s not all. The opportunities they spot just happen to include a gigantic ready made audience (and that audience doesn’t even know it yet).

Which tells you all you need to know about opportunity and success. It’s never been about the invention or the product. It’s always been about the audience.

Finding your audience is the key to success. But without some spark of imagination in the ideas department, you’re never going to be able to identify it.

Here’s the steps any entrepreneur needs to take to launch a successful product:

  1. Dream up something amazing that hasn’t already been done before
  2. Identify the number one problem that product or service solves (you could switch this with the first one – but that would be boring, obvious, and no fun at all)
  3. Do everything you can to identify the people who need that problem solving now
  4. Build the cheapest possible prototype you can
  5. Try and sell it to them – and listen to every objection they give you

Those objections are your Gold, and the key to building a product they would actually buy (show me an entrepreneur who gets defensive and I’ll show you a loser).

Speaking of ideas, the idea of floating warehouses and goods delivered by drone has sparked off one for me. If you’re an entrepreneur or investor and like the sound of it, go ahead and implement it, just please credit me.

The delivery network globally is plagued by one massive problem – people have to be in to accept a parcel of value.

There’s many ways to fix this problem, but they’re usually an inconvenience to the end user.

Since the world will eventually deliver most things by drone, the solution is to deliver them to the roofs of the recipients’ houses.

In other words, a roof bound “delipad”. Just like a helipad, only much smaller. There is of course the problem of the weather, but that’s just a detail 🙂

It might even be some kind of chute.

Bring on the drones.

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