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Everything happens in sequences, from getting up in the morning (wake up, stretch, clean teeth, get dressed, get breakfast etc.) to going to bed at night.

And this also (should) include everything you do in business. In short, it’s a step by step world. We go from A to B one step at a time.

The Patter of Tiny Steps…

And it we are to be successful, then it all starts with a thought that eventually transitions into a completed journey.

But most of us miss this out when it comes to the one thing that makes all the difference to the bottom line.


It’s Not A Tweet!

Marketing is Education. It’s not an advert. It’s not a post on a blog. It’s not a tweet. It’s not a conversation. It’s all of them combined and sequenced into a coherent journey.

And it’s the journey you want your clients to take if they are to get what they want.

The thing is, few people a) know what they want, and b) know how to get there, so you need to educate them. And the more education you have to do, the more costly it becomes.

What’s the problem?

This is why you need to find out what the problem is you are going to solve before you create the solution.

And furthermore, how many people have that problem, where are they ‘hiding’, how urgently do they need it fixing and can they afford to get it fixed now.

And even when you have that figured out, most of us then fail to show them the right path, and gently lead them along it.

Resistance is the Biggest Killer

If you get all of that right, you reduce the friction, build up momentum and get the sale every time.

So next time you are writing a piece of marketing material, make the call to action really easy to take.

If it’s right at the start of the journey, then you need to reduce the friction to almost zero.

Release The Handbrake

Take the handbrake off. Do it gently. No nasty shocks.

Oh and one last thing. You do actually need to tell people what to do next. And you need to give them a reason to do it.

So with that said, how would you like to learn a little more about becoming the ‘go to’ person in your niche?

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