How To Change Back To Classic Facebook Interface

How To Go Back To The Old (Classic) Version Of Facebook

UPDATE: 7th June 2020: All my Facebook groups were reverted back automatically to the original Facebook Classic look. It seems they must have had a problem with the new interface and reversed it. I don’t know if this is true for everyone though.

2020 saw a new version of Facebook. They’ve rolled it out at different times to different regions, and I think it’s a big (and long overdue) improvement – once you know where everything is.

The problem with the old Facebook interface (it’s being called Facebook 2019 by the public – or Facebook Classic by Facebook) is that it became rather clunky.

The controls were all over the place, and as a long time Facebook group admin, I always struggled to remember where everything was (I often came across features I’d never seen before because they were so buried).

Then one day (June 6th 2020 in my case) I logged into Facebook and there it was. Facebook 2020. My only choice was whether I wanted a LIGHT or DARK theme (“to make it easier on your eyes”).

I struggled on and off for half a day before it started to make sense. Eventually I felt like giving up and started searching online for a way to change it back (knowing that might be unlikely – I’ve never seen Facebook go back on major changes in the past).

The first result from my search to reverse Facebook said “just change the language to anything other then EN and it will go back to the old interface”. I decided to ignore that as the thought of having the whole thing in a language I couldn’t read was even more daunting (why didn’t I keep up with my French lessons at school).

Next up, someone said it was in the Settings menu, and BINGO. I found it. But just before I did, I also found the ONE setting that made me want to go back to the old version – the ability to welcome new members to my groups.

With that one thing found, I realised I preferred the new interface, so now it feels like new, good, software, and for that I’m willing to put in the time to properly learn it (which I never did with Facebook 2019).

Anyway, to cut a long story short. The image at the top of this post tells you what you need to do should you want to revert back to the original Classic Facebook look and feel.


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  1. I use this Chrome extension –
    Works perfectly even when there is no switch button and it doesn’t let Facebook to revert it back to the new layout.

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