Enterprise Nation Startup 2016 Peterborough Show

We had a great turn out for the Enterprise Nation Startup 2016 show in Peterborough. Like most of the events organised nationally for the day, it was a sell out, and the feedback from the audience at our event was incredible.

Nationally, the event trended for 6 hours on Twitter on the day. The main event was held at Canary Wharf in the KPMG building in London. It also included a live stream to the regional events as well as online, which increased the audience to many thousands (there were 2 thousand attendees at the LIVE London event alone).

We kicked off our event with David Simpson of Opportunity Peterborough who gave a lively talk on starting your business in Peterborough, and as you can see in the video got the audience interacting from the get go.

Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants followed up with a magical presentation on pricing. This is a VERY big deal for new businesses – and perhaps even bigger for existing ones – as Shaz explained. He performed a couple of neat magic tricks during his presentation, which I won’t reveal here in case you get a chance to see him speak. And I urge you to do so if you can. He knows his beans!

Kristian Downer of Dow Social was next up and entertained the audience to the truth about social media and digital marketing. There’s a lot of rubbish talked about social media marketing and one of the reasons I’m a fan of Kristian is because he tells it as it is.

I was on last and went into a little of my potted history of success and failure in over 36 years of doing this stuff.

We still had a large audience at the end, so we extended it by an extra hour to allow people to ask more questions about their businesses and get that extra bit of value.

It was brilliant fun and I’m ready for a repeat performance next year.

Thanks go to Emma Jones MBE and her team at Enterprise Nation, Opportunity Peterborough and David Simpson, John Olivant – an Enterprise Nation accredited business advisor, and all the speakers who gave up their Saturday to be here.

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