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Website Strategies for Content Generation 2018

What is Content Marketing? There are so many myths about content marketing, so I’m going to spell it out in the simplest possible terms right here and now: write the best possible content you can. That’s it. Spend as much of your marketing budget on the best possible content and you will attract the best […]

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How To Reduce Google Analytics Bounce Rates

All the tricks you need to reduce bounce rates are included in this article, but first… Don’t use spammy badly written content! Google will punish you eventually.¬†Even those who have spent a considerable amount of time and money building a private blog network (PBN) will come a cropper sooner or later. Why? Google will not […]

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Why is my site not ranking anymore?

Back in 2012 I watched a page on one of my sites slip from position #3 down to #1,114 on Google for a specific keyword that had 40,500 phrase match searches a month in the UK. Before I share with you what I discovered, you may want to check out your own site from Google’s […]

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