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Definition of Happiness

In the 1970’s, Werner Erhard was driving down a highway and had a revelation. He finally understood what so many people were searching for. Happiness. But the revelation was not happiness itself, it was why they hadn’t got it. He set up a series of live seminars and set a fee of $250 to attend […]

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No One Ever Lost By Coming First

Olympians have a rule: Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat. In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell describes how statistics show that those who put in 10,000 hours of work on one thing become experts (great!). He based this on work by K Anders Ericsson, a psychologist and performance researcher and author of “The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise […]

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How To Focus And Get Things Done

What exactly is focus? and why do most of us have problems with it. Here I am focusing on focus from a business perspective. The bottom line? if you are focusing on something that does not increase your profit then you are not focusing! Procrastination is the other name for this of course. Imagine what […]

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