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List Of Free Web Hosting Sites To Host Your Site And Post Articles On

If you’re looking to expand your reach on the web, you may want to open accounts with the many free publishing sites out there. There’s an enormous range of them including the most famous, which are (owned by Google) and (owned by the people behind the WordPress platform – lets you publish […]

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Marketing Online Today

Whatever business you are in, you cannot ignore marketing online, especially today. But here’s the crazy thing, local businesses are ignoring it. In fact, 76% of local businesses in the UK are ignoring it. Yes many have a website, and a tiny few have a Facebook page, but few take it seriously. I know this […]

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Leaked Google Doc

Few people (except everyone into IM) realise that you can read the Google search patent publicly. Yes, Google it! Of course the patent (and there is more than one BTW) merely describes the mechanism, NOT how the elements of the algorithm are subtly changed multiple times during an unknown period. So, apart from that being […]

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