How To Find Government Contract Work To Bid For In The UK

According to Enterprise Nation, there are £75 billion worth of UK Government contracts to be had in the UK right now.

And the great news is that you can search for, access and bid for any of it from a new beta site just launched on

Enterprise Nation interviewed Philip Sinclair, the man behind the new ‘Contracts Finder’ site and he explained that the government has set a target figure forcing the public sector to award 25% of contracts to small businesses.

They have also abolished some of the antiquated forms including the pre-qualification questionnaires designed to sort the chaff out from the wheat but resulting in a strong bias away from great local talent towards huge congolmerates with so called ‘proven’ track records.

The search facilities on the site are truly excellent including the ability to select your exact geographical area and set the range within 5 to 50 miles.

You can drill right down to your sector, so if you are in the business of bidding for contracts ranging from just £1,000 (to fit some lights in an office somewhere) to many millions, this is the place to go.

Here’s the link:


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