Albacross Review

albacross review screenshot

I recently signed up for Albacross, the lead generation identifier software and have been pleasantly surprised by its results.

The idea is very simple, place a snippet of code to track visitors, then try and connect those visitors with their companies.

How that actually works in practice is another matter – after all, visitors area anonymous unless they’re already known to your company via a cookie etc.

So how would it even be possible to identify nothing much more than an IP address, location etc. with an actual business?

One possibility is that a database is built up using thousands of servers – (ie. Google etc.) and then it becomes far easier.

Another is connecting the dots of data points, which is what I’m told Albacross does.

Either way, within a few days I’m starting to get some interesting results.

Right now, this is one piece of software I’ll be keeping.

My expectation is that it can only get more powerful over time.

And if I know one thing about business, it’s ensuring that we get as much data as we possibly can and make use of it as fast as possible.

There’s also GDPR and privacy regulations to think about, but this is all about B2B – not consumers, so things are a lot easier from the perspective.

So far it’s a thumbs up from me.

You can find out more about it over here at

PS. It includes a lot more than visitor identification too – in fact I’ve only scratched the surface so far.