Facebook Group Cover Photo Header Image Sizes

Facebook Cover Photo, Group Header Image Size And Other FB Graphics


If you want to find what size your graphic should be for a Facebook Cover Photo it’s quite a challenge. That’s why I made this page. So here it is: 851 x 315 pixels.

And if you try to hunt down the same thing for your Facebook Group Header Cover Photo, it’s just as difficult. So here that is too: 821 x 303 pixels.

When updating your group image, FB do give you the chance to move an oversized graphic around, but it’s far better to design it the right size in the first place.

BUT – things get in the way. Here’s a snap of my Profile Cover Photo together with all the dimensions you need:

Facebook Cover Photo Header Image Size Chart

The above cover photo is for my profile and automatically embeds my profile name to the right of my profile image (Quentin Pain).

Your profile picture extends 25 pixels below the bottom of the graphic into the menu bar (as you can see above), and there is also an embedded 2 pixel white border with thin grey outline added to your picture (this fixed border stops creative designers doing funky things by merging their picture onto the menu bar and cover graphic unfortunately).

If you have a Facebook Business Page (aka Fan Page or Community page etc.) and you want to take full advantage of the space, you’re going to need a slightly different sized image. It’s  821 x 363 pixels.

Facebook Business Page Image Header Size

Next up we have the Facebook Group Cover Photo. If you run a group on Facebook, use the dimensions below to make best use of the image header area. The size is 821 x 303 pixels.

Here’s the group header image are for my Content Writers group (feel free to join if you write content for yourself or others and want some daily inspiration and ideas):

Facebook Group Cover Photo Header Image Sizes

My mission is to help people write and publish the best content online, so they not only promote their business, but also get to be seen as the best in their industry or market.

So to promote that, I use Facebook marketing to help spread the message. And that means I also need to know the size for my ad images.

Some of the marketing I do is based on Facebook Sponsored Posts. Here’s the image size: 1200 x 628 pixels.

Below is an example that advertises my Facebook Group “Le Content Writer”. Luckily, all ad images on FB seem to have the same aspect ratio, which is 1.91:1 (so you can create your ad images at 1200 x 628 and FB will scale them accordingly without losing the aspect ratio).

Facebook Advertisement Example Image Size

Advertising with Facebook is a science, and as with all advertising, you must think through the customer journey.

And that depends 100% on the traffic you drive to your ad.

If it’s cold traffic, you’ll need to entice and educate your visitors.

If it’s pre-sold or warm traffic, you need to give them a compelling reason to find out more.

Either way, don’t even think about click-baiting your visitors. Facebook are banning people at a faster rate than ever for trying to game the system.

Just put up good stuff and be straight (it can be funny or quirky too, but take care).

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Quentin Pain

Quentin Pain is an advanced business specialist, former Small Business Mentor of the Year and founder of multi-million pound British software company Accountz. He helps business owners become number 1 in their market. Quentin has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Daily Express, The Financial Times, MoneyWeek, Metro, BBC and recently received the Enterprise Nation 2015 Top 10 Business Advisers in the UK Award.